Your Uninstaller

Uninstall unwanted applications completely.

Having trouble uninstalling a program? Is your computer getting slower and slower? Get the best uninstaller software - Your Uninstaller! 2006 now to Make Your Computer Fast and Clean!

Your Uninstaller! 2006 uninstaller software is the industry's leading uninstaller. It comes with SmartUninstall™ which helps you completely remove applications.

Your UninstallerYour Uninstaller! 2006 is more than just one of the industry's leading uninstaller's the world's first smart Drag-and-Uninstall software. Using Your Uninstaller! is as easy as using the Windows Recycle Bin. Imagine...just a simple drag-drop and the program you don't like will disappear from your computer along with everything it installed with it! Your Uninstaller! is completely user friendly.

Your Uninstaller! 2006 completely takes the place of the Windows Control Panel "Add/Remove Programs" but offers many more functions. The Standard Add/Remove Program often can't uninstall applications completely and leaves broken keys in the Registry and unused files on the hard disk. Increased Registry bloat and large numbers of unnecessary files make your system slower and slower. Your Uninstaller! 2006 can clear these broken keys and files in seconds during uninstall. It also contains several useful tools such as Startup Orgainzer and IE Contextmenu Organizer, etc.

Key Feature of Your Uninstaller

  • Easy to use step by step instructions interface.
  • Handle all the uninstalling process and automatically detect unused files left by uninstaller then completely delete them.
  • Forced application removal for programs can't be uninstalled normally.
  • Drag-and-Uninstall. Drag an icon onto the desktop on Your Uninstaller! 2006 and it will begin to uninstall.
  • Detect invalid installs and repair them.
  • Find/Remove unused files (temp files).
  • Notification when new applications are installed.
  • Fully control startup programs (autorun).
  • Fully control Internet Explorer Context menu.
  • Even uninstalls screensavers.

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